Best Car Holder Galaxy Note 3

Best Car Holder Galaxy Note 3

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Best Car Holder Galaxy Note 3

Montar is the best car holder galaxy note 3 .

Works with one hand : quick installation and device release .

In each package attached adhesive pad for curved dashboards ,

also can be used on walls to create an amazing wall mount .


The Montar is the bst car holder galaxy note 3 because not only it can work with the device ,

however it will fit any case on top of it as well .


For example : Otterbox , speck , case-mate ,ballistic , spigen , lifeproof and many more .

In our newest version of the montar you can also use you Galaxy Note 3 with any extended battery .


Here’s what people been saying about WinnerGear : Montar best car holder galaxy note 3 -


This car mount’s suction is incomparable. Stays suctioned on the surface before you even pull the lever down to lock it down in place. Totally worth the price. And it’s cool that the suction cup is washable and reusable. One of my best finds.


I installed the Car Mount,after looking at a YouTube video. It works as advertised. I had thought I would be able to attach it to my dash but there was not enough room between the windshield and dash for the device to fit and still hold the phone. I reluctantly put it on my windshield below the rear view mirror. It does not interfere with my vision and works fine. It has a good design, which and very good suction. That is why I bought it. It is doing its job.


Very impressed with this product. I will not be surprised if it lasts a lifetime. There are several videos on YTube also showing it in action. Those videos are what sold me. I decided to spend the extra dollars on this particular mount after trying to save on other items only to learn the quality is terrible when you try to save a few bucks here on Amazon. I say that to say this; if you are going to attempt to save a few bucks and take the risk don’t do it. You will be disappointed as I learned.

This phone holder stands very strong on either the dashboard or the windshield . I have a GPS which keeps falling off the dashboard so I was worried my iPhone would be the same. But the holder stays really strong I even have to use force to remove it.

The holder looks good. It sits neatly on the dashboard and windshield (I’ve used it both ways). I can see phone screen clearly so it helps see incoming phone and messages. It can turn 360 degrees and best part is that you can install the MONTAR car mount with one hand and release it quickly.

Best Car Holder Galaxy Note 3

Best Car Holder Galaxy Note 3

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