Ranked #5 By EZVID

Hi ,   We are so proud at our latest achievement , our Rumba earphones just been ranked #5 by EZVID and got the BEST INEXPENSIVE award from EZVID . Check it out here : Get Rumba here :      

Best Sport Earphones
Axum Best True Wireless Sport Earphones

We always LOVE to see new and exciting crowdfunding campaigns and that's the case with our friends from AxumGear . GET AXUM EARBUDS NOW ON INDIEGOGO They've just launched their AMAZING sport true wireless earphones on Indiegogo and we must say it's one of the most promising campaigns we've ever seen ( both on Kickstarter & Indiegogo ) : Check Axum Earphones -

reversible micro usb for PS4 controller / Xbox 360 controller

MicFlip - Reversible Micro USB Cable For Your Gaming Controllers You have a PS4 , Xbox 360 or any other gaming controller with Micro USB port ? You want to plug the charging cable without taking your eyes off the screen ? How's it possible without looking at the cable ? WinnerGear made it possible !! We are proud to present the world's first reversible Micro USB cable  MicFlip Reversible Micro USB Cable Super Strong Nylon Braided Cable Compatible with all Micro USB devices

Some Uncommon Car Mount Options for Your GPS System
iPhone 6 car mount

Some Uncommon Car Mount Options for Your GPS System There are many other car mounts available in the market than the conventional suction and vent types that people usually go for. This article will familiarize you with some uncommon car mounts that can safely house your GPS. The best car mount’s functionality mainly depends on the location it is installed in and the user visibility it offers. Location and accessibility are also the most important features when buying GPS mounts. The best

How to Choose the Best Car Mount for your GPS System

How to Choose the Best Car Mount for your GPS System Global Positioning System or GPS technology that started as a military project for soldiers to locate themselves is now within everyone’s reach. Anyone who has a GPS receiver can zero in on their coordinates within three meters. Newer automobile models and luxury rides even come equipped with an in-built GPS system in the car’s console. But for most people who drive older cars, purchasing portable GPS units is feasible. However, even