Everybody ask us about it, you all expect us to do it, but we ignore it..

Let's talk about the elephent in the room ... First of all thank you so much for all the support and Emails you're sending us! We're always excited to hear that you love your MONTAR car mount and guess what? We don't want it to change!   Lot's of you ask us why we're not doing magnetic car mount, it seems to be the hottest trend now and we're one of the leading companies in the world in the car mounts sector... so how come we ignore it? Now that's a great question and before

Can you imagine yourself on a roller coaster without safety belt?

Can you imagine yourself on a roller coaster without safety belt? That's what we've been through in the last months... First we launched the MONTAR car mount and the buzz was something we could never expect, the largest tech outlets said it's the best mount they've ever used, others can't compete with us, we were running out stock every second week, people were emailing us just to say they love the montar. And we felt that we really did it - a small startup was able to change the

Best True Wireless Earbuds

We know you've been waiting for the HERO earbuds, and thank you so much to all of you who supported our project and pre-ordered HERO Sports Earbuds. It's been an INSANE journey for us, but we must admit it was definitely worth it! To get this feedback "You made me start working out again" made us realize, it was worth it! We have implemented Qualcomm's CSR AptX latest codec together with noise cancellation CVC 6.0 to provide you the best experience while going out there and hit the

Hero Sports Smallest True Wireless Earbuds
Best True Wireless Earbuds

A Case That Never Fails!   As you all know we've started shipping HERO earbuds and the feedback is AMAZING! Thank you all for the support and trust while pre ordering HERO earbuds. As you know the issue with most charging cases today that use charging pins instead of standard port such as Micro USB is the connectivity, as the pins are supposed to be located EXACTLY on the slot in the earbuds and that's why we've already upgraded the case in our HERO true wireless sports

Ranked #5 By EZVID

Hi ,   We are so proud at our latest achievement , our Rumba earphones just been ranked #5 by EZVID and got the BEST INEXPENSIVE award from EZVID . Check it out here : Get Rumba here :