Is a Magnetic Car Mount Good for Your iPhone?

Is a Magnetic Car Mount Good for Your iPhone? Nothing can be good enough for the iPhone or so the Apple fandom believes. When it comes to smartphones, there are two types of accessories you will come across: those that fit all devices, and those that are exclusively for the iPhone. If the accessory is all-purpose and suitable for all phones, it is better to check it before pairing it up with an iPhone as the Apple smartphone has design requirements that are different from the rest. Similar

iphone car mount

Safe Places to Put Your iPhone while Driving When you finally get your hands on a brand new iPhone straight from the Apple store, you do not want to part with it even for a minute; not even while driving. But you need to determine which is more precious—the sleek classy iPhone or your life. Apparently, both are important especially if you are behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. To account for the safety of your gadget and yourself, we recommend you buy an iPhone car mount. Not only will it

A Guide to Buying the Best Car Mount

A Guide to Buying the Best Car Mount Choosing accessories for your precious smartphone can be as hard as choosing the phone due to the varying variety that is flooding the market. Just as you selected the right handset for yourself, you would want the best accessories for it too. For avid smartphone users, the next important thing to buy after the phone is a car mount that can help them to interact with their phones while driving without distraction. So how should one choose the best car

Top Car Mode Apps to Download on your Phone

Top Car Mode Apps to Download on your Phone There are a lot of things you can do with your Samsung resting on the Galaxy car mount without using your hands. If you have already taken one precautionary measure by purchasing a car holder, you can still take advantage of your phone’s full potential as it sits on its cradle. The only thing left to do to be completely road-safe is to install car mode apps that cut through the junk and give access to important things at a glance. There are

Galaxy S7 Car Mount

7 Ways You can Use Your Galaxy Car Mount If you are the proud owner of a Samsung galaxy phone and you carry it around with you 24/7, then a galaxy car mount is a must-have accessory for you. Car mounts are not just for your car, they can be installed on bikes and motorcycles as well. They are devices that securely hold a cellphone in one place and are generally installed in places where one needs to have their hands free for some other work especially driving. For all their perks, cellphones