HERO Earbuds Version 2.0

A Case That Never Fails!


As you all know we’ve started shipping HERO earbuds and the feedback is AMAZING!

Thank you all for the support and trust while pre ordering HERO earbuds.


As you know the issue with most charging cases today that use charging pins instead of standard port such as Micro USB is the connectivity, as the pins are supposed to be located EXACTLY on the slot in the earbuds and that’s why we’ve already upgraded the case in our HERO true wireless sports earbuds.


New Case : On the Left

Old Case : On the Right


The new case lets you snap your HERO true wireless earbuds right into the right location and it’ll immediately start charging .


With our CSR latest codec and the new Bluetooth v4.2, there’s no doubt that HERO is by far the leading True Wireless Earbuds out there!


You still workout with wires? That’s insane, join the revolution and enjoy the real freedom!