How to Choose the Best Car Mount for your GPS System

How to Choose the Best Car Mount for your GPS System

Global Positioning System or GPS technology that started as a military project for soldiers to locate themselves is now within everyone’s reach. Anyone who has a GPS receiver can zero in on their coordinates within three meters.

Newer automobile models and luxury rides even come equipped with an in-built GPS system in the car’s console. But for most people who drive older cars, purchasing portable GPS units is feasible. However, even portable GPS systems need car mounts or holders to be fixed into cars. Most GPS units may come with their own mounts and while these holders may be suitable for that particular GPS unit, it is not necessary that they make the best car mount for your vehicle as well.

There is a wide variety of mounts designed by GPS manufacturers and other companies. This range allows a greater freedom in choosing a mounting style and position that is optimal for you and your car.

Suction Mounts

These are the most common types of mounts that are usually made for windshields and cannot stick on the dashboard unless the car is old enough to sport a metal dash. Suction mounts are also illegal in some states, the reason for this being that they obstruct the road’s view due to their mounting location. On the upside, their mounting location makes them conveniently viewable for the driver as they only have to take a quick glance on the screen.

The articulating arm that is attached to the suction mount also provides easy rotation. The driver can set the GPS to the preferred angle and lock it in place. Since these are removable, the suction car mount can be tucked away inside the glove compartment when not in use or be used in another vehicle.

Check with your state authorities before buying a suction mount though.

Console Mount

These are permanent mounts that can be installed on the dashboard or in the car’s console. These are very uncommon and are vehicle specific. So they cannot be fixed in all cars. However, these mounts do not obstruct road view unlike suction mounts. But since they are placed in the console, the driver will have to avert their eyes from the road to view the GPS.

Cup Holder Mount

As the name suggests, these mounts are designed to fit in the cup holders that are present in almost all the cars. The GPS is cradled into the holds of a long articulating arm that raises several inches high from the cup holder. This allows the driver to view it easily but still requires them to divert their eyes off the road, which creates a risk of accidents.

These mounts are also removable and can be used interchangeably in different vehicles. If permanent solutions aren’t for you and a suction mount bothers you with its presence on the windshield, then the cup holder mount can be the best car mount for your GPS system.

Air Vent Mount

Air vent mounts can be used on the horizontal slats of your car’s air vent. If they are circular or vertical, then this type of mount is not for you. Also, though they are removable, it is not advisable to remove and install them frequently as there is possibility of breaking the louvers of the vent.

The bright side is that these mounts offer a good view of the GPS because of their high position without obstructing road view. The downside is, they can damage the vents and block airflow to some extent.

Not all mounts are suitable for all vehicles. You have to take into account your car’s interior, mount specifications and GPS dimensions to make sure everything falls in place perfectly for the best car mount. Also, make sure that the car mount does not limit the controls and features of your GPS unit. That said, happy scouting the market! Choose wisely.