How to Choose the Best Car Mount for your GPS

How to Choose the Best Car Mount for your GPS System- Part 2

This is the second and the last part of our two-part series on choosing the best car mount for your drive and the GPS system that you just purchased. Of course, that entails selecting a car mount that is the right fit for your GPS system as well as your car. So read on.

Friction Mount

This can easily be the best car mount for you owing to the versatility it offers. Featuring a non-skid bottom, this mount can attach itself to just about any dashboard. Friction mounts can prop the GPS in place by either a beanbag or an articulating arm.

The advantage is that the driver can see the unit without taking their eyes off the road. Although it’s in the user’s field of sight, it doesn’t block road view like the windshield mount. It only blocks the car’s hood where it is positioned. It can also be used in states where it is illegal to install mounts on the windshield.

Car dash Mounts

Car dash mounts use an adhesive pad to stick to the dashboard and can adapt to the curved surface of the dash. These are permanent as removal might make the pad non-sticky. The GPS unit itself can be removed if you want to use it in another vehicle.

These offer convenient viewing angles and height too, like the friction mount. However, the appearance of your dashboard may be ruined by the sticky glue marks once you remove the mount. So car dash mounts may not be the best car mount for you especially if you are the type who takes very good care of their car.

Bicycle Handlebar Mount

For those who want to keep track of their location while biking, this is the mount for them. Bicycle mounts attach to the bike’s handlebar and are permanent. They offer good visibility without hampering the rider’s road view.

However, it is important to note that all GPS units do not work well with bikes. They have a very short battery life so be careful when looking for a GPS system to use in your bicycle.

Motorcycle Handlebar Mount

Like bicycle mounts, these are also permanent. But the rider can detach the GPS from the contraption if they want to use it elsewhere. The angle and position of the GPS can be adjusted to match the level of the motorcycle’s gauges so that they all can be read in one quick sweep.

There are also some motorcycle mounts that can be attached with the vehicle’s handlebar clamp, mirror and gas tank. Depending on your comfort, you can choose between the many options available. The first two involve disassembling of screws to install the mount and provide good visibility. However, the gas tank mount is the least visible of them all as its position is on the bike’s fuel filler. Due to safety measures, this is definitely not the best car mount to consider.

Choosing the best car mount is based on your personal preference aside from the technical factors that one must take into consideration. Viewing height, viewing angle and mounting locations are important parameters to check. The one that the driver is most comfortable with and which also allows the least amount of time for the eyes to be off the road is the ideal choice.

Not all mounts are suitable for all vehicles. You have to take into account your car’s interior, mount specifications and GPS dimensions to make sure everything falls in place perfectly. Also, make sure that the car mount does not limit the controls and features of your GPS unit. That said, happy scouting the market! Choose wisely.