How to Install a Galaxy Car Mount

How to Install a Galaxy Car Mount

The very next thing to do after buying your Samsung Galaxy is to purchase a Galaxy car mount especially if you own a car. With its many lucrative features, your phone is bound to keep you distracted while you drive.

So after you have chosen the right car mount for your device, it is time to install it for your cell phone. Though mounts usually come with instructions and are fairly easy to attach, it is important to go about the process thoroughly. A nicely secured mount will provide strong support to your phone. When not properly installed, road bumps and break shocks can cause both your Galaxy car mount and your Samsung phone to come crashing down.

With a reliable, robust mount properly fixed in your car, you can enjoy your phone’s many features without being distracted from the road. A good installation attempt will make your car mount blend in with the car’s interior as well. But if the mount is even slightly misplaced, the error will be quite noticeable. With the more difficult task of choosing the right mount out of the way, you can proceed with the installation part and be done with the process in minutes.

The Basic Parts

People, who use mobile navigation apps a lot or are always in the middle of important calls, will have to obtain a car mount to seamlessly carry on with their activities while they drive. Galaxy car mounts will have two parts: a holder or an articulating arm where your device will be cradled, and a mount. The mount is the bottom end that comes in contact with the car; it either sticks or snaps to a surface.

The car mount you choose, will greatly depend on the vehicle you drive and the position you want it to be fixed at. The holder should conform to the make and model of your cell phone.


To install a Galaxy car mount that features a suction cup, clean the area thoroughly where you are planning to place the mount. This is the most important step. The region should be clear of dirt, dust and other impurities and it should be evenly leveled as well. This will allow a strong and clean suction. Select the area that does not block your road view and does not distract you from the road either.

Similarly, mounts with adhesive pads can be installed in a similar way and are most suited for dashboards. Clean the area thoroughly before applying the mount and be sure to stick the mount straight so everything looks symmetrical.

Screw-in mounts require more time and attention though. Tightly secure the screws to prevent the mount from moving or falling at high driving speeds.


Removal of most car mounts is easy. When removing the suction of your Galaxy car mount, pull it off with a good force. If your struggle is futile, try to stick your fingers through the sides or stick a butter knife in the cup to release the suction. Removing a suction mount will not leave residual mess behind and is quite safe.

However, removing a mount with an adhesive pad can leave sticky traces on your dash. Additionally, removal of screw-in car mounts will leave holes. But none of these mounts leave behind scratch marks. If your Galaxy car mount is attached to the air vent, avoid removing it frequently. The vent plastic becomes brittle with time as your car ages and there is a possibility of breakage.

Prior to installing your Galaxy car mount, mark an appropriate location for it that will offer minimal distraction to you and will not impose risks of road accidents.