Kool Lightning Cable

4.60 out of 5

KOOL USB MFi Lightning Cable – Apple Certified
• 3 Feet / 1 Meter
• Braided Cable
• Silver Aluminum Plugs
• USB 2.0 A Male to Lightning port
• Tangle-Free
• Sync & Charge

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Product Description

The KOOL MFi ( Made For iPhone / iPod / iPad ) cable is Apple certified high quality cable for all
Lightning ports .
Don’t compromise on fake lightning cables that will stop working after your first iOS update ,
the KOOL cable has Apple certification and we use only C48 Apple genuine plugs .
Compatible with all latest devices such as :
iPhone : 5 / 5S / 5C / 6 / 6 PLUS
iPod : Touch 5th Gen / Nano 7th Gen
iPad : Air / Mini / 4
Will it work with your case ?
The plug size is 4.5mm x 9mm
Super strong braided cable with durable aluminum plugs makes the KOOL cable the world’s best MFi lightning cable .

  1. Nathan34user

    What I find most amazing about this cord, other than the obvious power it provides is its design. I hope I do not sound arrogant, but this Apple charging device and sync cord looks a lot better than its competitors.

    Sometimes, I literally want to pull this cord out just so my friends or coworkers can see it. The thread that covers the cords wiring not only provides durability but makes it easy for me to distinguish my cord from others. It is also cool to have a fashionable cord that matches the color of my new iPhone 6 Plus.

    If you are looking for a cord to charge your phone, sync your data, stick around through twists and bends, and look stylish, buy this one!

  2. SarahNoaj

    (it might be too soon to write this, but I’ll be sure to return and provide additional information)

    This is the first item I have purchased from WinnerGear. The item arrived in retail packaging, with see-through plastic. This is the first braided, white cable I have ever found. The cable is indeed made with aluminum at both ends. It is beautiful and matches that Apple-look of products. This cable is MFi Certified.

    The definite downside is its price because this cable is only 1M (about 3 feet) long. Other cables are 3 times longer, constructed of thicker wire, and cost half the price,

  3. NetCuer33

    Great cable, but the braiding started fraying a bit after a few months. 1 of 2 cables has a spot where if it’s bent the cable. I am not aggressively transporting this wire around like my travel ones, I use it for nighttime bedside charging. I Would buy again, as I still couldn’t find alternatives that are lasting longer.

  4. ZachiSteinbergg

    The WinnerGear Lightning cable is a very high quality cable that is made to last and looks good. The cable can be used to charge and or sync with devices that use the lightning port

    -1 meter in length, which is the average length of a charging cable
    -Nylon jacketed cable makes it feel very durable and high quality
    -Aluminum housings on the cable ends gives the cable a premium feel
    -Apple Certified meaning that no errors will come up when the cable is used and will work with future iOS updates
    -Great strain relief so the cable will last longer
    -Tangle free design
    -Looks like a premium and expensive cable but it is at a great price!

    No cons found.

    My wishes:
    -Have 1’, 6’ and 10’ cable length options (6’ is my preferred charging cable length)
    -More color options

    I high recommend this cable!

  5. DanBilzo4405

    So far I’ve used Apple’s lightning cable, Spigen’s 5ft. lightning cable and Blueflame’s Lightning cable. I’ve had issues with the Spigen cable slipping out of the lightning end housing and exposing the wires and the Blueflame cable giving me an unsupported accessory error.

    Compared to these, the WinnerGear cable is much better and more durable.
    It worked straight out of the box using the OEM AC charger and it transferred files from the computer to the iPhone without a hitch. Oh, and it fits the Spigen Tough Armor case perfectly.

    It appears that the braided nylon will keep the cable from slipping out of the lightning end housing. At least I hope so, time will tell soon enough.

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