The Best Smartphone Car Mount Just Got Even Better

World’s best galaxy s8 edge car mount

Can you imagine yourself on a

roller coaster without safety belt?

That’s what we’ve been through in the last months…

First we launched the MONTAR car mount and the
buzz was something we could never expect,
the largest tech outlets said it’s the best mount they’ve ever used,
others can’t compete with us,
we were running out stock every second week,
people were emailing us just to say they love the montar.
And we felt that we really did it – a small startup was
able to change the game, to make your ride much safer!
But then we started to receive some negative comments from our customers, some of you said that after several months of daily use the clamp breaks…

Now some of you maybe saw us at CES,
our pop-up stores across the US or during any other trade show..
But for those for of you who never saw us, let me tell you this:
We take things here seriously, super seriously and maybe too serious!
And that’s why it wasn’t live on Amazon for 5 months, cause we couldn’t sell it to our retailers as well.

Cause we stand behind our claims “Simply The Best” is our slogan,
and we’ll ONLY make the BEST products!

For several months we were thinking how to get back to the top, all we need to do to become the best again is to solve a tiny issue called the clamp or in other words:
The Most Important Part Of This Freaking Mount!

So after we’ve been ranked as the world’s best, sold over 200K units,
we never expected it to happen again but we had no choice,
we had to go back to:
drawings >> prototypes >> testing, testing, testing >> testing!

And finally ( after 200 days, 199 sleepless nights and 20,004 RedBull cans ) we’ve solved it, we came up with a solution for a new mount like you’ve never seen before.. and the best part?
It looks EXACTLY like the previous version that you loved so much.

The new clamp with our patented technology will NEVER BREAK
and you have our WinnerGear Warranty for 2 years:
broken = replaced no questions asked!

  • We’ve added another spring
  • Made each spring a bit thicker
  • Changed the plastic around it to be lighter, so the springs will have less tension

And finally we’re super proud to reveal the MONTAR 2.0!

MONTAR is the world’s best, but why?
Not only we’ve solved this small clamp issue, we’re the best because the MONTAR will never let you down! The patented suction cup will stay secured on your dashboard or windshield while driving and you can still use it with only one hand ( to rotate the smartphone ).

The new mount been tested with the largest devices out there:
iPhone 7 plus, Xiaomi Redmi, Galaxy S8 Plus and more.

All units that we OR our partners sell
( on our website, on their retail websites/stores, Amazon, eBay, etc’…) are the new MONTAR 2.0

So even if you are a WinnerGear collector,
there’s no way for you to get the OLD montar!




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