The elephant in the room


Let’s talk about the elephent in the room …

First of all thank you so much for all the support and Emails you’re sending us!

We’re always excited to hear that you love your MONTAR car mount and guess what?

We don’t want it to change!


Lot’s of you ask us why we’re not doing magnetic car mount, it seems to be the hottest trend now and we’re one of the leading companies in the world in the car mounts sector… so how come we ignore it?

Now that’s a great question and before we answer it let us share something about trends:

Remember those green sticky car mounts? yes, those ugly plastic cheap mounts that were supposed to work like magic and hold your smartphone.. great, so you remember it and you remember the tragic story about the car accident..and don’t let me start about how weak those were and how easily it could break.

No wonder you can barely hear about those mounts now, nobody want to sell it…

Our slogan is “Simply The Best” and yes, we’re not going to do any product unless it’s the BEST out there!


Of course the magnetic trend been tested in WinnerGear labs for so many times, but no matter how much we wanted to make something based on those magnets we always came to the same conclusion >> those mounts are f***** BS!!

They’ll NEVER be able to hold your smartphone as strong as the MONTAR car mount, there’s no room for comparison.

Plus, our car mount will work perfectly with any smartphone ( regardless to it’s weight ) and can hold up to 3KG / 7 pounds.


We know that we only sell mounts and not cars, we know that we’re not those who drive your car but still we have responsibility for our customers lives… and we are not going to risk to make a quick buck and ride the magnetic mounts trend!

So now it’s official, WinnerGear will only be making PERFECT products!

Check our montar car mount to learn more about us and why the biggest tech experts say we’re the best