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WinnerGear's genuine products sold only on this website
Our genuine products sold only on this website


If you're working out and use a lock for your locker, or just want to protect your stuff while on vacation, travel, or even on your way to work... the STIIL will make you lock like a pro.

We're proud to introduce the new STIIL biometric fingerprint lock, I'm sure you saw these kind of products lately as it's the hottest trend these days, but if you took a moment to read the reviews you know what's wrong with it:
"charged it. Tried to add fingerprint. Took forever to add and then it didn't recognize it. Terrible. Terrible. Worst APP ever"
"Worked great for about 2 months now I am locked out of my locker. App says failed to unlock and there is no faqs on this and tech support couldn't figure out why it would blink blue as if it were unlocking but wouldn't"
"Can't use lock without the app but app won't allow you to register the lock and the app info on the play store is in Chinese"

The above are some of Amazon's reviews for $100 biometric locks.
Yes, it's our biggest fear, to have our lock stuck... so why it's happen? usually the biometric locks manufacturers try to use a shortcut, so they ask you to install the "sophisticated app" and use Apple touch ID (or any other smartphone) to get access to your far so good, right? well, not exactly.
Not only they ask for permission to access your gallery, contacts and few more private stuff, you also face unlimited issues, you wonder why? cause it's a software connecting with hardware and it connects through Bluetooth (another full-of-bugs technology), so you'll always face issues.

So what if all this can be saved?

What if you won't need to mess with APP's and connectivity?

Imagine the software that learns your fingerprints (and remembers up to 10 different fingerprints) would be on the PCB (printed circuit board) itself, yes, it'll be burned into the the hardware directly.

How awesome is that? That's exactly what STIIL new lock is all about.

And to make it more awesome, with only 1.5 hours of charging you'll be able to use it for 1.5 years.
Now you don't need to connect the lock to your phone, and your phone to the lock every time you want to add a finger print, you can simply hold the touch button for 10 sec and now you can add another finger.
Why 10 fingers? well, if you have 11 of those little sticks on your hands, contact us and we'll try to find you a custom solution (seriously, that's no joke).
Now if you worry about running out of battery in 18 months from now, that's ok - we took care of it already. 30 days (and every time you'll use it during those 30 days) before the battery runs out of juice, the LED light will blink in red color, so you'll have plenty of time to charge the lock.
By the way, if you don't use it at all, for example you leave it on the locker in the airport and take a 6 months vacation, that's ok - as the standby time is up to 2 years. 
Obviously no need to talk about the weather-proof built quality as STIIL is made to be used outdoor as well (tested in extreme weather in Qatar and Chicago, why there? first because of the extreme weather and second because our video production company is based there).

During the launch event you can get STIIL for up to 35% off retail price and enjoy WinnerGear's free worldwide shipping

So, that's STIIL:
  • FastKnow technology to unlock in just 0.5 second
  • Single charge lasts 18 months (or 2500 uses -  which means 5 times a day, everyday, for 18 months)
  • Fast charging, 0 to 100 in just 90 minutes
  • WinnerGear 2 years warranty (you can extend it to 4 years if you like)
  • Weather-proof: rain, snow, cold, heat
  • Working temperature: -25c (-77 F) to +85c (+185 F)
In each package you'll also get a charging cable.
To see if the offer is still valid, just click the button below.

UPDATE: STIIL was already great value, but what’s even better is that right now the official website is having a sale. So, during the launch event only, you’ll be able to get up to 35% OFF!

Please notice that WinnerGear's warranty only covers genuine products purchased directly from the website and not bought on different platfroms which WinnerGear has no control of and can't tell if the sellers there are legit or a scam (such as Amazon, eBay, etc'...).

P.S - As you know already, our best deals are always reserved to our community so you won't be able to find this offer on our homepage. We only share it with you and our Facebook group members. Once the launch event is over, only then we'll post it on our homepage and share it with all WinnerGear's visitors, so they can place an order for full price.
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