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Our genuine products sold only on this website
Lamborghini Huracan & Montar Smartphone Car Mount

Lamborghini Huracan & Montar Smartphone Car Mount

You already know that the Montar is the strongest car mount in the world,

and yo definitely know that it'll easily hold your iPhone X, Galaxy S8 or even old Nokia as it's universal and fit ALL smartphones and all dashboards (even the Impreza textured one).


But why should you believe us?

Well, you don't have to..


We've partnered up with AutoNL and we've made the ultimate durability test,

are you ready?


We told those guys:

"We'll give you 100 pieces and you'll test it in different cars"

They said:

"Ok, no problem"

We thought:

"They'll use it in Ford, Toyota, Honda and maybe BMW"

They thought:

"Let's take it to the edge and try the Montar with the new Lamborghini Huracan"

We saw the video and thought:



We just starred at each other and  said holy shit,

let's hope the Montar survived it...


Watch the awesome video and learn why our super durable design and U.S patented suction cup is like nothing you've ever seen before and why it make the Montar the best universal car mount


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