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iPhone X just launched, Oh sorry, it's actually the OnePlus 6

iPhone X just launched, Oh sorry, it's actually the OnePlus 6

 You can say it's a gimmick,

you can call it a marketing stunt,

you can even consider it a S***...



It was only relevant to their first mobile phone launch,

when no one knew what to expect,

when the only thing we knew about them

was their invite only unique marketing approach.


It was 5 or maybe 6 years ago?


Since then we all learned that OnePlus

is a very reputable company and

let me tell you this:


I can't say if OnePlus 6 worth the price,

but it does worth checking their website.

And what's more?


Those guys did an amazing job with marketing,

like always,

and asked their fans to decide how their video will look like.

Brilliant, right?


So for those of you who missed it,

here's the final one,

but first I'd like to share the draft they launched,

before they got the feedback from their fans,

they shared this video and asked their community

to post ideas of how they (the community)

would like the final video to look like:

 And here's the final version,

before you hit PLAY,

take a moment and think about it,

if it was up to you,

what changes would you implement...

Thought about it?

Great, now let's see the results:


And if you wonder,

so YES!

The OnePlus6 will work with the Montar car mount.

Expect a review from one of the most reputable YouTube

reviewers with the title: 

Best oneplus 6 car mount

Meanwhile you can check the rest of the reviews...

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