Samsung? no, Apple.. No wait, Samsung... No no, Apple

Samsung? no, Apple.. No wait, Samsung... No no, Apple
I remember a simpler time,
when our wars were between good and evil,
between justice and crime,
between countries fighting over territory,
and not brands over consumers.
I guess you all heard about the 2 suspects:
iPhone X and Galaxy S9.
Well, than I think you can stop reading
as we won't be talking about Gameboy and Tamagotchi today.
Back to business,
Yesterday Samsung launched this commercial
and yes, you guessed it.. It's about the same old topic.
It's actually a commercial by Samsung that tries to explain 
why you should NEVER go with Apple (like always).
So what's new in this video?
I must say I hate those useless "move to Samsung" commercial,
as they usually feature something that no one cares about like round edges
or even battery lifetime (cause we all know who's the winner here, we don't need cheap manipulations).
So why I decided to share this commercial?
Well, this time they actually have a great point.
They're talking about the annoying (and I believe illegal)
ways of Apple to make you upgrade your device.
Personal opinion:
That's a commercial that was supposed to be made by Xiaomi,
as those guys are the real competitors and not Samsung.
Let's be honest for a moment (and honesty is the missing link here),
Samsung makes us upgrade in a much more aggressive way.


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