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WinnerGear's genuine products sold only on this website
Our genuine products sold only on this website
WinnerGear Warranty

WinnerGear Warranty

Size Matters?




Since our first day in business we knew what makes us real winners,

what differentiate us from others,

what can actually take our company from zero to hero.


Every kid can guess it,

and it doesn't matter if it's your first day

and you just launched your company 5 hours ago

or you're about to go public tomorrow.


Every CEO, founder and employee will tell you that:

customer service is the king!


So we asked our self what is customer service?


It's how you solve problems,

your return policy,

your exchange policy,

your refund policy..


Or in other words?

Your warranty!!


I'd like to tell you something,

for the past 5 months we've been receiving complaints

about our products and of course we freaked out!

We asked all customers with those specific issues to ship it 

back to us, so we wasted lots of money on return labels.


And after few days we got the goods back to our lab,

now when the first unit of the broken product arrived we were so glad :)


Why we were glad to see a broken product?

Cause we noticed (immediately, as it's so clear...) that the customer

made a mistake and it wasn't our product,

it was a Chinese knock off (and a very cheap one...).


But then something strange happened,

we got the rest of the units back,

and NONE of them is an authentic WinnerGear product.


And guess what?

All those customers placed their orders

on Amazon and eBay.


It was clear to us,

we had to do something in order

to save our customers.


We cannot advertise our products as

'Simply The Best',

and then get people scammed

by other sellers (usually from China)

on those platforms.



Yes, I know what you think,

why we are not contacting Amazon?

To be honest? 

It takes so much effort,

money and time to fight those huge platforms

that we have absolutely no interest to go there.


But still, it was so important to us that we decided

to give it a chance.


Plus, we got a reply from them that says in other words

"fuck off - Our platform, Our rules".




We can't speak in the names of others,

but it seems that all they want is to be the CHEAPEST

as all cost - literally.


So they allow all those knockoffs to be sold easily on their platforms,

I don't want to tell you how many pairs of "Nike" I used to own,

yes, you guessed it, none of them was a real Nike...


Lesson learned, next time I want to get a pair I'll just go to this amazing official website called


Back to WinnerGear,

it made us realize that in order to protect our community,

and keep our community safe from online frauds,

we MUST start selling

WinnerGear product ONLY on our official website.


we will NOT offer warranty

on products bought on

Amazon or eBay!


We constantly improving our service,

and we do our best to turn WinnerGear 

into the world's leader of the highest quality products.


We will never compromise,

and we want to thank you for supporting our 

mission and being part of this amazing group

of people who knows what's important in life

and understand that the small things in life are

the ones that matters the most.


As for shipping, 

we've improved the shipping service

and switched to express carrier,

as you can see we also upload tracking within 24 hours now.


We live and breathe the online world,

so please do us a favor,

do NOT trust anyone online,

cause in the online world like in life- 



We know we can hurt our company with this,

but we don't care as we know that we have something 

much stronger than any big corporation out there,

we have a personal bond with our community,

cause WinnerGear is your company! 

You helped us launch so many products,

you turned MicFlip dream into reality,

you spread the word that Montar is the best car mount in the world..

So we own you so much that we feel 

confident enough to tell you this kind of things.


Thanks for your time,

and hope you'll enjoy WinnerGear products!


As for our warranty:

  • You have 2 years warranty on all our products
  • 30 days to return the product for a full refund
  • We cover return shipping fees within the US (and we'll soon add Canada, UK and AUS)



Protect your friends and family from online frauds,

help them by sharing this post and let's make a real change,

it's about time to tell to certain countries that it's illegal.





Some people contacted us and replied to this article, asking what was the issues with the fake products.


So obviously there are lots of people who never contacted us about their issues, as they are sure it's a WinnerGear product and they just decided to leave us.


But those who contacted us, told us:


1.The cable ruined their charging port in their smartphone

2.Car mount constantly falling during their drive (if it happens to you, PLEASE stop using it as we can't stop thinking about the consequences).

3.The wireless chargers burn their new iPhone X

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