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Our genuine products sold only on this website


"Crane is the world's first and only bone-conducting headphones with on-bone detection sensors for auto play/pause"

Did you know that using the wrong pair of headphones can kill you? seriously, that's why even pro drivers keep their window slight open, cause you must hear the road. So many cyclists and runners are getting hit (I don't want to use a scarier word here) every year and it's almost never their fault, that's the sad part in this story.

In order to enjoy your workout you must hear the surroundings, that's a proven fact and if you've been running or riding your bike near cars you know how important it is.

Some headphones manufacturers tried audio transparency for a while (a technique that increase the background noises) but it turned out to be more dangerous as it actually mislead the rider which can result in fatal mistake.

We can't beat nature, the best hearing device to analyze the environment? our own ears, so let's use them.

The ultimate solution is to listen to music and keep your ears open, and that's exactly what's bone-conducting headphones are all about.

Short history class:

The solution appeared in the 40's actually (yes! 40's, almost 100 years ago).

In 1935 Edgar Hand was granted a patent for a special telephone equipped with a headband that attached the receiver to a user's head, so that it could transmit the vibration of a caller's voice through the bones.


In the 1940s and 1950s, numerous inventors patented hearing aids that utilized bone conduction.

In 1957, Clairdon Cunningham, an engineer for defense contractor General Dynamics, even used the principle of bone conduction to develop an ingenious communication helmet that could be worn by pilots who had to converse over the roar of jet engines.

Now you understand how powerful is bone-conducting? with the background noise of jet engines people still used it to listen to phone calls, and those were using speakers from the 50's.

20 years later James P. Liautaud was granted a patent for a device that enabled people to listen to the radio or taped music while skiing, running, bicycling or doing other active sports, without wearing headphones that might interfere with their safety.

So when the first bone-conducting devices appeared?

In 1994, another inventor, H. Werner Bottesch, took the concept a bit further and received a patent for a set of stereo music headphones designed for bone conduction. His device attached just behind the user's outer ears, so that it transmitted sound through the mastoid bones of the user's skull. 

Meet Crane:

How Crane is changing the game?

While most manufacturers who sell bone-conducting headphones think that making the bone-conducting feature is enough, we decided to take it one step forward.

Imagine bone-conducting headphones with a better sound than your wired earbuds, Crane is the ultimate bone-conducting headphones powered by Qualcomm's latest CSR technology with deep bass and highest quality sound.

But we didn't stop there, we know how important the playtime is, especially when taking long rides. So to make it easier for you to stop the music and save battery, all you have to do is to take it off. Want to play the music? just wear it.

"Crane is the world's first and only bone-conducting headphones
with on-bone detection sensors."
  • Mic: Anti-interference microphones, -42DB
  • Qualcomm chipset
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Light weight - only 26 grams
  • On-bone detection (auto play/pause)
  • Siri / Google assistant
  • Connect up to 2 devices to the same pair of headphones
  • Controls: volume, play, pause, skip songs
  • Waterproof: IPX5
  • 4 hours playtime

How Much is it Going To Cost Me?

You're probably thinking that this device is very expensive... False! Crane only costs $134.99 That's a small price to pay for a safe workout equipped with the latest technology, isn't it?

Where can I buy one?

The only place to get WinnerGear product is directly from this website, just click here. 

NOTE: As a special promotion, the company is now offering 12% off and free worldwide shipping with tracking number during the launch event.


What else can I do with Crane?

Beside the advantage of safe ride or run near cars and other riders and runners, thanks to the heavy bass and Qualcomm's chipset you can use it in the gym as well. No need to take it off every time someone approaches you as you'll be able to hear everything that happens the radius of 1 meter (3 ft) from you.

Why it's so great for the gym? cause on one side you hear those who talk to you and on the other you don't hear the annoying gym soundtrack.

Crane even comes with a earplugs so you can stick completely ignore everything that happens around you and focus only on your music.

All the controls you need...

Now that you've been informed about this brilliant invention, let me show you what else you can do with it

  • Volume: no need to to take your phone out, just use the buttons on your Crane to reduce or increase the volume

  • Calls: you can answer and hang up on calls using the same button

Here's a tip: Crane is a great gift for people who exercise outdoor as the antenna is located outside your ear which increase the signal strength and you won't experience connectivity issues.


So if you want to take your workouts to the next level, get Crane today for only $119 and you'll enjoy free shipping as well.

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