YouTube experimenting with non-chronological subscription feed with some users

YouTube experimenting with non-chronological subscription feed with some users

@jpm_507 contacted YouTube on Twitter and asked:


They replied:

"Just to clarify. We are currently experimenting with how to show content in the subs feed. We find that some viewers are able to more easily find the videos they want to watch when we order the subs feed in a personalized order vs always showing most recent video first."


Now let's cut to the chase,

why the hell will YT do it?


For the same reason Facebook did it,

and let's face it - FB are dead!


For the same reason Instagram did it,

and now consider of changing it back!


Those companies can't show you whatever you want,

cause there's a high risk in such strategy.


What's the risk?


Glad you asked...


What if you'll decide to watch videos that doesn't convert well for YouTube?

what if you'll prefer videos with low view count that doesn't attract advertisers?


The last thing those huge corporations are interested at,

is giving us the freedom to choose what we want to watch!

It's not over till its over,

we still have a chance to win!


Back in the days we were rebelling against the government,

and I believe it's about time to confront those corporations

as they become more powerful than any country in the world

and we need to teach them a lesson before it's too late.


Or maybe it's already too late?..



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