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WinnerGear's genuine products sold only on this website
Our genuine products sold only on this website

EXOBONE - Open Ear Headphones


Unlike bone conduction, here you don't have to find the perfect fit in order to hear the music

If you're working out and want to enjoy the open-ear experience, that's the best headphones for you.

Unlike true wireless open-ear headphones, with EXOBONE you'll have zero signal drops that make you stop your workout.

Plus, no matter how big or small your head, it'll always play perfect music directly to your ear canal (a common issue with bone conduction is the fact that it has to be a perfect fit in order to touch your head if you want to enjoy the music)

"It's like having a Bluetooth speaker that only you can hear"

  • Signal never drops
  • Fits your pocket
  • Perfect fit
  • Built-in microphone
  • Rainproof
  • Lightweight
  • Reject or answer calls directly from the headphones
  • Extremely high range: 33ft
  • Marathon playtime (over 4 hours)