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"surprisingly withstood all our smash tests" - Excessorize Me

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Your iPhone Will NEVER Break Again!

It's No Promise - It's Science!

World's Strongest Glass Screen Protector

The WinnerGear TOPAZ Glass Screen Protector for the iPhone 7 Plus has surprisingly withstood all our smash tests, including a knife and a hammer

Vinsent Tse, Excessorize Me
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What Else Is Great About your TOPAZ?

That's the last screen protector you'll ever need!


You won't need to deal with those annoying bubbles anymore

3D Curve Edge To Edge

What does it mean? Full cover of your iPhone from edge to edge

Anti Fingerprints

You don't need to swipe your screen with clean towel every 2 minutes

Why It's The Strongest? Thanks to...

FillGlass Nanotechnology

As we all know regular glass deteriorates over time, and your protector fills with dust and dirt.

What does it mean?

Your strong protector now became weak and fragile.

So how's TOPAZ different?

The FillGlass nanotechnology absorbs into the glass makes it much more durable, it's kind alike your regular glass took steroids. Yes! It's that strong.

What else?

Well, it also makes it much more smooth with perfect touch and anti bacterial and of course no more fingerprints!

  • 5 Times Stronger Than Regular Glass
Normal Glass FillGlass Technology

3D Glass

Unlike other protectors

TOPAZ cover your iPhone screen from edge to edge

  • Other Protectors (partial screen protection)

  • TOPAZ Protector (full screen protection)

TOPAZ Screen Protector Ranked As

The World's Strongest Screen Protector

just forget about this shattered screen

Saved Over


iPhones, Your's next!

  • Jeffey White

    Just installed it on my brand new 7 Plus. Installation was pretty straightforward, just make sure to line it up perfectly as you have to eyeball it and guide it down with your fingers. Looks amazing and there are no bubbles. Looks JUST like the glass on the phone itself!

  • Laura Sanchez

    This is the best product I have found for my iPhone. You can't go wrong buying this product. It even has a foolproof way to install it.

  • Dylan Ballard
    Digital Artist

    First of all I have to say I love this screen protector. It's silky smooth and is one of the easier protectors I've tried to install on the screen. A big help comes in the form of a little plastic bit that goes over the home button to help guide you when you put on the protector.

  • Hulda Tran
    Graphic Designer

    The tempered glass is perfect! Installation wise its very easy because you have the frame to guide you, I have bought 4 kinds of screen protectors already and this is the only tempered glass that worked. So far I love it.

Our Story — Treat Like Nokia

If you never owned an iPhone you can’t really understand us, we LOVE our iPhone as it’s not just another phone. You’ll never throw it on the table like it’s your car keys, you’ll gently place it on the softest part of the table, because you have a special bond with your iPhone and we know it.

The moment your dear iPhone slips out of your clumsy hand and gravity steals it, it reaches the floor together with your heart and you start praying to god almighty to save you from this misery… Once you pick it up you afraid to stare at the screen and see the injury, the shattered screen looks like a lake of salt with millions of cracks all over it.. Yes! I know it’s a terrible scenario and we’ve made TOPAZ to help us all avoid such nightmare!

Because an iPhone is an extension of our body, it’s not just some NOKIA that you don't care about and need it only for text and calls.

It's not another phone, and for iPhone owners it's a fact that well known!

We’ve been working on this project for over 2 years now,And we constantly improve it since the day we launched it on INDIEGOGO.By the way, we still own SO MUCH to those who supported TOPAZ crowdfunding project and helped us turn this dream into reality.

We’ve made something that hasn’t been seen before, something that is 5 times stronger than the strongest glass out there, something that can actually protector your iPhone and not only make you feel protected - There’s a HUGE difference between those 2.

We did it thanks to the latest technology, by using FillGlass nano coating. And now it’s ready for use, ready to protect your screen and make your Life a bit easier.

P.S: I love waking up with you by my side. You turn dull moments into entertaining ones. You’re always there for me. iPhone, I’d be lost without you.

Silky Smooth

We knew that you can't protect your iPhone screen at all cost. We must keep the silky smooth feeling of your iPhone screen even while using the TOPAZ, and we're proud to say that we did it! You won't feel the difference between the TOPAZ and your iPhone.

100% Transparent

What you see is what you get, literally. Or in TOPAZ case what you don't see is what you get.

Thanks to the FillGlass coating, your glass stays crystal clear even after using it for months. The dust and dirt that absorbs into the glass is what makes other protectors decrease in clarity.

3D Sensitive Touch

That's what the iPhone is all about and you know it. The touch - the awesome iPhone touch is like no other smartphone, its always been like that. Since the early days the iPhone had the BEST touch screen and that's why it was super important for us to make sure you won't loose this feeling after installing the TOPAZ

What the community says about TOPAZ?

  • John Byrne This is absolutely the best screen protector experience I've had and I have had a lot. The process of applying the protector is perfect. The kit comes with screen cleaner and wipes that, along with the protector placement method, guarantee you won't have dust particles or bubbles on your screen. When you have dust or a small bubble you know it bugs you every time you use your phone. The protector feels very sturdy and works perfectly with the touch screen. I'd buy their protectors for any product they coverIndividual results may vary

    Reply Message October 23 at 6:06pm
  • Jill Besl This was the easiest screen protector I have ever put on an Iphone. I could never get the thin sheets of plastic to go on without bubbles. But this glass was so easy. Just be sure to follow instructions. Install under a strong close light, so you can see any lint. They even give you lint tape to finish cleaning the screen.Individual results may vary

    Reply Message October 23 at 6:06pm
  • Hussain Humaam My second purchase. The first time I dropped my iPhone while hiking in a rocky area and the second time my puppy chewed on my phone. Both times the glass protector took the beating. It cracked in several places, but my iPhone screen was left intact and with no damage. Before the glass protector I used an Otterbox to protect my phone. It worked well but aesthetically not pretty. It was bulky with very few style options. This product is amazing!Individual results may vary

    Reply Message October 23 at 6:06pm
  • Beth Shedd Great screen protector for a great price. The glass covers the entire screen just enough and sticks to the screen perfectly. It's a tad smaller so it won't form bubbles around the side because it does not touch the curved parts of the screen. The install sticker with the tabs make installation super easy. If needed I will buy it again.Individual results may vary

    Reply Message October 23 at 6:06pm
  • Beau Dickins These are fantastic. saved my phone screen from breaking several times. I am not easy on my phone (this is my 2nd time purchasing this) and when I think a slip/break has resulted in the screen itself breaking -- it never has. it's also easy to apply and fits like a glove. very happy with this.Individual results may vary

    Reply Message October 23 at 6:06pm
  • Eduar Delacruz Love it. Looks and feel great can't even tell it's on my phone. I haven't dropped my phone yet (fingers crossed I won't) but I saw how they treat it in some online video (that made me aware of the TOPAZ): results may vary

    Reply Message October 23 at 6:06pm

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