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What's so great about JUUL?

I don't know, but I love it (and writing this post while holding my JUUL in my mouth like a writer with a pipe from the 60's)!

But what I do know is what's wrong with it, and it's the charging.

It's the lack of juice in my JUUL, so other companies launched different docking stations but to be honest? it seems like they compete who'd launch the bulkiest and heaviest charger.

Seriously, how can I carry this monster with me?

So the simple and obvious solution was to create a USB cable to charge your JUUL, right? great idea, the cable is easy to carry and now you'll have juice 24/7...

Well, not exactly, as you can't just go around town and stick your USB anywhere you want, it doesn't work that way (yet).

Ok, so we liked the cable idea, but we hate the USB standard port.

Enters WinnerGear:

We thought about it, and asked a simple question:

How can we charge our JUUL with a cable from something that we all carry around with us.

Meet FUUL!

The world's first cable to

charge your JUUL from your smartphone

Let's stop for a moment to digest the size of this invention, we're talking here about a real game changer, about something that no one has ever seen before, a life changing product that can make our life soooo much easier.

You'll be able to connect it to any smartphone out there:

  • Micro USB
  • Type C
  • USB standard
  • Apple devices

Ok, maybe not all devices, it probably won't work with this one:

These days to celebrate our launch event, we're running a promotion on FUUL cables, so just hit the button below to see if the promo still valid and you'll be able to get $29 FUUL for only $24 and the shipping is on us (yes! worldwide free shipping!)

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