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Teach An Old Dog New Trick

Teach An Old Dog New Trick

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What apps are running while your phone is in installed in your Montar?
Sure, you've got nav and music.
But what about an app that adds intelligence to your vehicle,
and helps you understand when your vehicle is running well?
That's where Dash comes in.
There are currently over one billion cars on the road,
however less than 5% of them are “smart” and connected.
Dash, a connected car platform, adds intelligence to nearly any car on the road. The Dash app for iPhone and Android offer features for safer, greener and more affordable driving – from engine diagnostics to trip tracking and more.
Dash logs your driving, offers behavioral feedback (easy on the gas and brakes) and includes a brand-new Vehicle Health page to help you manage your vehicle's maintenance. Download it today!
If this sounds like a forward-thinking company, you might be interested to hear that right now, Dash is open to investments. They're raising money on SeedInvest, an "equity crowdfunding" platform, so it's open to investors of all sizes, not financial firms. Check out the campaign page for more information.
We checked many of the equity crowdfunding campaigns, and there're two things that must take place in order for it to generate profits for you.
First it must be round A and not seed pre-money campaign as its too risky and in this stage its very hard to evaluate the company in the correct way. Second, the money should be spent on developing an existing product and not to come up with a new technology. Luckily both answers are YES at this case and not only it minimizes the risk for those who're interested to invest in Dash and increase the potential for profits, but it also means the evaluation of the company will increase in much shorter period of time.
There are over 50 successful equity crowdfunding platforms today, and by successful we mean that the investors made profit on most of the campaigns that been launched there. One of the platforms reported a success rate of over 48% recently which is amazing compared to Kickstarter which claims to have under 1% success for all launched campaigns. But there's still a risk, so how can you as a private investor with no experience turn your first shot into a perfect hit?
The simple answer?
You can't, that's the truth...
But as they say, when you're lost its better to swim next to the whales.
SeedInvest is the only crowdfunding platform with low entrance barrier that allows you to invest ONLY on projects that they invested with their own funds, sounds interesting? The only other company to do so are OurCrowd and they won't let you in unless you got $15,000 while SeedInvest will let you in with less than $1000 which makes it a sure bet.
SeedInvest will only work with less than 1% of the companies that contact them because of their strict policy so the fact they chose to let Dash in means a lot.
Now the only question is how much to invest, but that's up to you. If you ask us? during our lifetime we won't face too many good investments opportunities so once we see one, it's better to invest a sum that when the day will come and Dash will be acquired by a larger vehicle manufacturer (which was already discussed) you'll make enough profit to set back and relax...
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