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iRobot is the past?

iRobot is the past?

A day will come and your phone will text for you, actually this day is today!

Samsung phones are sending your photos to random contacts without the permission of the user.

So if you own a Samsung device it might be good time to remove some dirty photos you got in your stock from your wild college days...

And the worst part?

The photos that sent are YOURS, no not from your phone but actually from your camera roll.

As reported by AndroidCentral and later by Gizmodo, users are complaining about it for a while now. One user says his phone sent all his photos to his girlfriend. The messages are being sent through Samsung’s default texting app Samsung Messages. 

The messaging app won't even show that it was sent...

Now it only happened to Galaxy S9 and S9+ and was confirmed by Samsung who claim that “aware of the reports”.

How to avoid it?

For now, Samsung owners can revoke Samsung Message’s permissions to access storage to avoid the bug from sending their files out in the wild.

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