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Telegram Blocked in The US!

Telegram Blocked in The US!


We have a MUST READ article today,

so I ask you this:

Please read this only when you'll have 4 spare minutes,

it's about Apple, Telegram and your financial freedom...


If you heard about Bitcoin you probably heard about Telegram.


Thanks to it's privacy policy it became one of the leading

underground communication APP in 2016-2017.

Why it was founded? 


Imagine every sentence, every word, every comma you type on 

your keyboard is recorded and analyzed by the authorities.

Someone invade your most private messages with your family,

and friends.

And what's their excuse?


As always the politicians will claim its for a "good reason"

and will use the same old excuse of "we try to stop terror",

ye.. right...

So you sell weapon to those countries while monitor our calls?


They monitor our calls and text messages for one reason,

to gather as much data as possible about us - yes us!

to gather as much data about me and you.

And please keep reading cause it gets interesting...


Now I'm sure you know the reason why they want this data,

and I'll git you a hint: the reason why they want to know about our income,

shopping habits and political opinion...

And what's the solution?


Meet Telegram!

All data stored on the cloud,

no one can tell what you're talking about.

They even blocked Russia's security service from 

accessing into your personal data.

Can you imagine such horrible place to live at?

Where the government has no idea how to manipulate its citizens...


So if you're still using Whatsapp, WeChat, iMessage and the rest of 

those regulated apps - please don't complain when you'll find out that you've been monitored for the past 5 years

I know Telegram was used in different ways:

  • Sell drugs to teenagers online
  • Pornographic materials
  • Sell weapon

And I do agree that whose who in charge of it should be punished,

but you know what pisses me off?


The day the government stepped in and decided to take action 

against the guys from Telegram wasn't when they saw an unapporpriate

material that can screw our children's brain, it wasn't when people purchased weapons to kill each other...

That's all BS!


The day the government stepped in was the day

CryptoCurrencies took over Telegram!

It was the day when we, the people, took control

over our financial situation and tried to break

the banks and other large greedy corporations!

The government stepped in ONLY when

we tried to get our financial freedom!


Today Russia asks Apple to block Telegram notifications – The company has one month to respond.


I don't want to make this article too long, 

so if you're interested in more information and link to

the official article you can click the link below and we'll send it to your Messenger.


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